A Pirate’s Life for Me

1.Which gaming platforms do you support?

Plunder Panic is currently available on Steam for both Windows and macOS operating system AND all major game consoles including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam Deck!

2. How many players are supported?

A full match in Plunder Panic is 6 vs 6 for both Local and Online play. That is a total of 12 players for you math-challenged pirates. 

For local play, we support the maximum number of local players designated by each platform. 

    • For Windows and macOS, you can have up to 12 local players using a combination of wireless and wired controllers (a maximum of 7 Bluetooth controllers.)
      • Depending on the type of wired controller, their may be limitations beyond 8. For example, Windows only supports up to 8 wired Xbox controllers.
    • The Nintendo Switch has a maximum of 8 local players (8 joycons can be paired.)
    • Xbox has a maximum of 8 local players.
    • PlayStation has a maximum of 4 local players

For online play, you can combine local players with online players in almost any combination to fill out your crew. Crews can also include AI pirates if the human variety are hard to find.

If you’re having trouble filling an entire 6 vs 6 game, you can play smaller match sizes! From 1 vs 1 up to 6 vs 6. Plunder Panic also supports asymmetrical play with different crew sizes, such as 3 vs 5. 

3. What type of controllers can I use?

It can be tough to dig up 12 controllers, so we try our best to support as many as possible! Plunder Panic supports most controller types supported by your platform, including native, third party, wired, and Bluetooth controllers. We even support one player on the keyboard if you get desperate, but the use of a controller is recommended.

We also offer controller customization for each individual controller. If you have a controller that isn’t working that you feel should be supported, please reach out to us on Discord!

4. Do you have any recommendations for a 12-player local setup?

Windows and macOS operating systems are limited to 7 bluetooth connections, so you’ll need to mix and match Wireless and Wired controllers for a full team (or have a completely wired setup).

Our preferred cost-effective setup involves either one 13-port USB hub or two 6-Port USB hubs (one for each team) plux 12 USB Super Nintendo controllers (six per crew.)

5. How can I play Plunder Panic with my friends online?

We support crossplay, so you’re able to play with any other system that runs the same version of the game! For online matches, you can invite players through Steam’s invite system. Or you can utilize the Room Code, where anyone with the code can join your match (as long as a spot is available). You can also “party up” with our in-game party system, so you can join an online game with a pre-established crew.

6. Can I use the retail version at my arcade, Barcade, or public establishment?

It is against our terms of service to use the retail version of Plunder Panic in a public location.

You can contact us directly about purchasing a commercial license. Please email community@willwinn.games with the subject “Commercial License” to learn more!

7. Is the Plunder Panic Original Game Sountrack available? I can’t get the music out of my head!

Yes! You can purchase the soundtrack through Steam. It is also available for streaming on all your favorite music streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and Amazon Music.

8. Can I hire Swabby to make an appearance at a birthday party?

We are not liable for any damages, loss of goods, or plunderings incurred by pirates that are not officially affiliated with Plunder Panic. Please exercise extreme caution when hiring a pirate, mateys.

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