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Scourge of the 7 Seas

Plunder Panic is now available for the reduced price of $9.99!
Play with your friends and frenemies with cross play support across Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, Windows, MacOS, or Steam Deck. There is no better time to assemble your crew, hoist your sails and embark on an epic swashbuckling adventure with your friends and family!
The Heave Ho Update (Version 2.4) is Now Available
Version 2.4 is primarily a polish, bug fix, and quality of life update over previous versions, but also arrives with a 50% price reduction down to $9.99 USD on Steam with price reductions on other platforms to follow! There is no better time to assemble your crew and hoist your sails!
The Dueling Dinghy Update (Version 2.3) is Now Available
The update includes two new islands, including the Viking Village and the Buzzing Bazaar, as well as updates to the Shipwreck Shanty and the Kaiju Cove. A new shield item is added as well as the King of the Hill game mode. The update also includes new modify-arrs, campaign chapters, and improvements to ranked play.
Former MSU game developers release ‘Plunder Panic’
Lansing NBC News Affiliate WILX 10 did a nice little story on Plunder Panic and Will Winn Games. They said, “the game is described as a ‘Super Smash Bros’ type game, but with pirates that you can play in teams.” The story was aired on Channel 10 TV news and posted on their website.
Spartans are serious players in the video game industry
MSU Today just released a nice story and video on Plunder Panic and what we are doing at Will Winn Games! They describe the journey from the early Plunder Panic prototype to the award winning indie game to the actual commercial release, including the the value that WWG brings to the MSU program. Go Green!
The Swab the Deck Update (Version 2.2) Now Available
This update was focused on that extra polish and bug fixes to really make the game shine, including graphical polish, more sound effects, gameplay adjustments, AI enhancements, user interface improvements, and bug fixes.
The Monstrous Update (Version 2.1) Now Available
The update includes three new islands, including Dino Isle, Kaiju Cove, and The Mighty Kraken! Level hazards were added to five of the original islands to make them more treacherous and add a new gameplay dynamic. A new disguise Item allows you to become an impostor and infiltrate, sabotage, and sow chaos amongst yer rivals. […]
Free Demo Now Available!
Ahoy Mateys! There is now a FREE DEMO of Plunder Panic that allows you to play online crossplay for FREE! This is the perfect way to test out the game or encourage your friends to join into your online matches. This is the perfect way to test out the game or encourage your friends to […]
Major Update! Version 2.0 Now Available
We are excited to announce the highly anticipated major Version 2 update to its acclaimed team-based pirate fighting game, Plunder Panic, is now available across all platforms, including Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Windows, MacOS, and Steam Deck, including a full single player campaign, ranked matchmaking, public and private online matches, in-game […]
Plunder Panic on Tour
We have been on tour with Plunder Panic, taking it to various events and eSports tournaments to celebrate the launch and to showcase the game! Recent events include Meaningful Play 2022, TEDxDetroit, and Youmacon 2022.
The Booty-ful Update (v1.1) Now Available
A treasure trove of exciting updates are now available in the 1.1 version of Plunder Panic, including an entirely new game mode, three new bootyful islands (Mayan Ruins, The Crystal Geyser, Desert Sphinx), throwable axes, and cursed treasure, among a boatload of new bug fixes!
Plunder Panic Sets Sail on All Major Gaming Platforms
Michigan State University College of Communication Arts & Sciences posted a nice story about the release of Plunder Panic where they call on players to “experience a pirate’s life across various gaming platforms in multiplayer video game, Plunder Panic.”
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