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Shiver Me Timbers!



Will Winn Games

Release Date

V1 – Sept. 2022
V2 – Feb. 2023
Demo – March 2023


Action arcade game, Team-based competitive game, Party game, Fighting game, PvP game


Nintendo Switch,
PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam Deck, Windows, macOS







Plunder Panic is a swashbuckling, pirate themed, team-based fighting game for up to 12-players where two rival crews battle for supremacy on the high seas! Featuring both local and online play, work with your crew to plunder booty, defeat the enemy captain, or scuttle their ship. The first team to capture an objective wins, so be on the lookout for other sneaky pirates!

Raise the Jolly Roger and dive into this blend of classic and modern games, where retro graphics and simple controls meet fast-paced, frantic arcade action. With multiple play modes, unique power-ups and game changing modify-arrs, there are hundreds of gameplay combinations guaranteed to shiver ye timbers! Plunder Panic features flexible team configurations, including local, online, and AI-controlled players. Time to assemble your crew, get all hands on deck and send your scurvy competition to Davey Jones’ Locker!


  • Swashbuckling Arr-Cade Fighting Gameplay
  • Battle as Two Rival Crews With Up to 12 Players (Human and AI)
  • Online Public and Private Matches
  • Online Ranked Play for Competitive Players
  • Cross-Platform Play Support (so you can play with your friends and frenemies across 8 gaming platforms)
  • Local Couch Co-Op Party Game
  • Single Player Story Driven Campaign
  • Boatloads of Maps, Items, Modify-arrs, and Game Modes
  • Player Awards and Achievements
  • Easy to Learn, but Challenging to Master
  • Retro Aesthetic and Soundtrack
  • Family Friendly Fun


Trailer YouTube (or Abbreviated Version or Long Version)
How to Play Plunder Panic YouTube

Plunder Panic Swabby Sing-Along: A Pirate’s Fight for Me YouTube
Plunder Panic Swabby Sing-Along: Plunderman YouTube
Plunder Panic Swabby Sing-Along: Plunderin’ Sailor YouTube

How to Trash Talk Like a Pirate YouTube
Swabby Pirate Injury Lawyer

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Logo & Icons

Plunder Panic Logo White
Plunder Panic Logo Black
WWG Logo
WWG Logo
WWG Logo
WWG Logo

Awards & Recognition

  • “PAX Rising Showcase Winner” – PAX East 2022
  • “Indie MEGABOOTH Official Selection” – PAX East 2018
  • “Finalist (runner-up)” – SXSW Gaming Pitch Competition 2018
  • “Official Selection” – Meaningful Play Game Exhibition 2018
  • “Audience Choice Award” – IndieCade 2017
  • “Official Selection” – Traverse City Film Festival 2017-18

Selected Articles

  • “One of the most enjoyable experiences we had on the show floor.”
    – Kyle Orland, Ars Technica
  • “Plunder Panic may be the perfect fit on the Switch.”
    – Thomas Whitehead, Nintendo Life
  • “This is a labor of love, and it shows.”
    – RGK, Save or Quit
  • “Will gladly hit the panic button.”
    – Anthony Shelton, Gaming Trend
  • “Unashamedly used the pun modify-arrs.”
    – Chris Neal, Massively OP

About Will Winn Games, Inc.

Will Winn Games Inc. is an East Lansing-based game studio launched out of the top-ranked Michigan State University Game Development Program, Spartan Innovations, and Red Cedar Ventures. The mission of the company is to design, develop, and publish compelling multiplayer video game experiences. A prototype of the studio’s premier title Plunder Panic received multiple accolades including finalist in the SXSW 2018 Gaming Pitch Competition, Audience Choice Award winner at IndieCade 2017, and was an official selection of the Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX East 2018. Plunder Panic became the first licensed game out of Michigan State University in 2021. Over the last two years, Will Winn Games rebuilt the game from the ground up as a full online multiplayer game across all the major gaming platforms. In April 2022, Plunder Panic was a PAX Rising Showcase winner at PAX East 2022. Plunder Panic is now available on Windows PC/Mac, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One and Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Steam Deck with full cross-platform play. For more information about Will Winn Games, visit

Current Development Team

Brian Winn
Studio Director, Designer

William Jeffery
Executive Producer, Designer

Tatum Cho
Lead Artist

Amanda Hackbardt

Shawn Pryde

Joe Sak

Kyle Bush
Music, SFX, Programmer

Rein Acevedo

Brendan Przywara
Community Manager


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